I’ve gotten too busy to continually book new clients! To keep my schedule easy to manage, I’ve started booking in four-month chunks at a time. I’m still trying to iron out the method that works best for me, so your patience is always appreciated!

My homepage and my Instagram will always have information on when my next booking quarter is.

My clients that have large, on-going projects will always receive priority booking into the next quarter. This means Saturday appointments are the hardest to come by, as they get swiped up first.

Please don’t send me photos of other people’s tattoos as inspiration. You’re more than welcome to look through my portfolio for examples of the style you’re wanting.

I require a $100 minimum deposit for ALL appointments ($200 for large scale projects).

As of right now, the people who email me back as soon as I reply to their form and get me their deposits have priority on booking days, sort of a first come/first serve situation. I can’t keep days open for people who aren’t ready to pay their deposit. Thank you for understanding.

The deposit goes towards the final cost of your tattoo, and is non-refundable, no exceptions.

I will only book an in-person consultation with people who are already scheduled for their tattoo appointment/paid their deposit.

  • Most tattoo ideas do not require an in-person consultation. Cover-ups and large pieces will almost always require an in-person consult.

  • When I receive your booking form, I will get your tattoo appointment booked in, and if I feel that I need to get more in-depth information, I will require you to book a consultation.

My current schedule is Wednesdays through Saturdays. These days may change in the future.

I book two appointments per day: 1pm and 5pm. This helps me stay focused on you and your tattoo, and also allows me a break between clients.

I will be out of the shop these dates:

Sept 3rd-7th

Nov. 27th-30th

Dec. 25th - Jan 14th

tattoo day preperation

You must be 18+ years old to be tattooed. Only valid State I.D., Drivers License, Passport or Military I.D. are accepted. Please bring your ID to your appointment! Expired ID’s are not accepted.

I accept (and prefer) debit/credit card payments via my Square!

Cash is still fine too, but honestly I love not having to go to the bank.

My minimum is $100, and the hourly rate is $180/hour. This is on par with most of the quality shops in Portland.

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated! ❤

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy: if you cancel/reschedule less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, then the deposit pays for that time you had scheduled, and I will require another deposit to rebook. I absolutely hate having to enforce this!

  • If you bail on your appointment (No Call/No Show), your deposit is forfeited and will require another $100 to rebook.

  • If you decide to not go through with your tattoo whatsoever, then the deposit remains with me and pays for the time I spent working on the design. Your deposit can only go towards tattoo time.

I will never ever send out drawings or designs before your appointment.

Please respect this! I've had artwork stolen and tattooed by other people which is the absolute worst. You will see your design when you come in for your appointment. Hopefully you’ve found me because you like my style and my work, so please, trust me when it comes to your design!

Please wear loose, comfy clothes (that you don’t mind getting ink on) that give me unrestricted access to the area we're working on! 

My station in the shop is pretty small, so if you must bring a friend, please only bring one support friend to share this memory.

  • If they become a distraction to you OR to me, I will ask them to sit in the lobby. It is important to be considerate of all our artists work space/mental space and the other people getting tattooed!

  • Honestly though, watching people get tattooed is really boring. It’s not really a spectator sport. I find that people are more likely to sit well if they’re not trying to entertain their friend they brought.

PLEASE DO NOT bring children with you to your tattoo appointment. You need to find a babysitter!

Get a good night’s sleep, drink water, and always make sure to eat a hearty, filling meal about an hour before your appointment! Don’t bring your lunch in with you, eat beforehand!

  • Please feel free to bring snacks, drinks, headphones, etc with you if you have a longer appointment.

Ask your doctor about any medications/medical concerns before you get tattooed.

things I won’t do:

I absolutely will not copy another tattoo.

I don’t do ‘watercolor’ tattoos.

I do not do cosmetic tattooing.

I do not tattoo racist or hateful imagery.

I will not tattoo you if you’ve been ill within the last 72 hours or are feeling ill. Please email me if you’re feeling under the weather!

I will not tattoo you if you are pregnant.

I will not tattoo you if you appear to be impaired in any way (drugs, alcohol/hungover or otherwise.) 

I reserve the right to refuse service.