This form helps you give me all the information I need to design your new tattoo!  Please be clear, and concise, with all your ideas you are picturing for your design.  Please make sure your email address is spelled correctly!

I am now accepting credit/debit card payments!  I'm the only one in the shop doing this, so please remain cash-only with our other artists if you also get tattooed by them!  Thank you!

March 9th-11th is Blacklist Tattoo's Annual Happy Hour anniversary party!  All weekend long, we will be tattooing your pick from our collection of flash designs from our walls for $100-$300!  

Salt Lake City!  Our shop will be working the tattoo convention March 16th-18th!  Use this form to book your appointment today!  Spots fill up fast, so the sooner I can get you booked in, the better!  Below there is a special SLC section to choose which day would work best for you to get tattooed!  

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WHAT I NEED TO KNOW: •Subject matter you want to see in your tattoo! •Don't over-clutter your idea; usually up to three 'subjects' is good. •If you are traveling to Portland and want to get tattooed, please give me the dates you will be in town!
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