Ya’ll set a new record! My schedule through December was filled in ONE DAY!

Huge thanks to everyone who sent me their ideas and were super on top of emailing me back and getting their deposits paid! I appreciate it!

Mark your calendars and check back here on Wednesday January 1st to get the process started for your new tattoo! I will be booking for January-April 2020 at that time!

My clients that have on-going work will always have priority booking.

If I feel your idea needs a consultation, I will get you booked in for your tattoo appointment first and only then will I schedule you an in-person consultation.

I received so many ideas last quarter that I had to start being a little selective with the designs people want me to do!

I would love to tattoo more beautiful lady heads, cute kewpies, mermaids, botanical floral pieces, and magical/fantasy stuff.

I’m equally interested in tattooing more pop culture stuff! From movies, comics, to anime/manga, to toys or video games, I just love the nostalgia of these subjects.

Please follow me on Instagram for updates!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support!