Please only fill this out if you’re 100% committed to getting on my schedule for your next tattoo. This is not for price quotes or chatting about ideas you may have in the future. This form is for clients who are ready to get tattooed!

If you have questions, try reading through my FAQ page first before filling out this form!

If I feel your idea needs an in-person consultation, I will get you booked in for your tattoo appointment first and only then will I schedule you an in-person consultation.

I would love to tattoo more beautiful lady heads, cute kewpies, mermaids, botanical floral pieces, and magical/fantasy stuff.

I’m equally interested in tattooing more pop culture stuff! From movies, comics, to anime/manga, to toys or video games etc etc. Let me bring your favorite characters to life!

Just a heads up, I will be out of the shop these dates:

✧Nov. 27th-30th

✧Dec. 25th - Jan 14th

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If you are traveling, let me know where you're visiting from and PLEASE include the dates you will be here! I am usually booked up about a couple months in advance now, so the sooner you let me know when you'll be in town, the better chance I have to get you in!
Pick your days! If you leave this blank, I won't respond to your request!
I book two appointments per day, each a 3-hour block. This keeps my attention focused on you and your tattoo, and also so I can get a lunch break between my morning and evening clients! I do not work on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.
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**Saturdays are my MOST booked out day** There are few availabilities left for this booking period, so if any other day and time would also work for you, please select those, too, so I can try to get you in as soon as possible!
I create custom tattoos for all of my clients! Be descriptive with what you're wanting to see in your tattoo. If you don't tell me everything, it won't end up in your design.
•grab a ruler, and please use inches!
For example, don't just say 'forearm'. I need to know if it's your right or left side of your body, so I can design it appropriately!
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