These are things to keep in mind before your appointment day!  

All of this information is to help you help me keep my schedule running as smoothly as possible, which helps everyone who has appointments get tattooed in a timely and efficient manner!

•I require a $100 minimum deposit for ALL appointments, big or small. The deposit goes towards the final cost of your tattoo, and is non-refundable otherwise, no exceptions.

•My schedule fills up quickly, so if I reply to your form, and you don't answer back or send a deposit, then the days I have offered will be taken by someone else. Please be prompt with your replies once you hear back from me to get you all booked in!

•I absolutely will not copy someone else’s’ tattoo. Please describe your design ideas clearly, so I can create a tattoo unique for you. You are more than welcome to send me photos from my portfolio to show what kind of style you're wanting.

I accept (and prefer) debit/credit card payments via my Square! Cash is still fine, too!

  • Our shop's minimum is $100, and our hourly rate is $180/hour. This is the going rate for the skilled, quality shops in Portland. Hourly rates are usually for bigger pieces that require multiple sessions.

  • Hand-sized tattoos or smaller will be quoted accordingly based on size and detail.

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy: if you cancel/reschedule less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, then the deposit pays for that time you had scheduled, and I will require another deposit to rebook. Please just give me plenty of heads up if you know you can’t make your appointment time so I can try to fill the spot.

  • If you bail on your appointment (No Call/No Show), your deposit is forfeited and will require another $100 to rebook and you’ll make me extra sad. Just talk to me if you’re unable to make your scheduled appointment time! We can always work something out!

  • If you decide to not go through with your tattoo whatsoever, then the deposit remains with me and pays for the time I spent working on the design.

•I will never send out drawings or designs before your appointment. Please respect this! I've had artwork stolen and tattooed by other people which is the woooorst. You will see your design when you come in for your appointment.

•As stated above, I run a very tight schedule every day between tattoos and consultations. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early to your scheduled time!

•Please wear loose, comfy clothes (that you don’t mind getting ink on) that give me unrestricted access to the area we're working on!  Tight fitting/restricting clothing can make you uncomfortable depending on what position I have you in.

•My station in the shop is pretty small, soif you must bring a friend, PLEASE only bring one support friend to share this memory. If they become a distraction, I will ask them to sit in the lobby. It is important to be considerate of all our artists work space/mental space and the other people getting tattooed!

•PLEASE do not bring children with you to your tattoo appointment.

•Get a good night’s sleep, and always make sure to eat a hearty, filling meal about an hour before your appointment! Never get tattooed on an empty stomach!